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Saw the show last night in Hershey, PA and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!!! Everyone did a marvelous job and I had so much fun watching this – been a huge ILL fan for many years, and to see it brought to life was just amazing!!! Great job cast and crew!!! 🙂


Camp Hill, PA

I sat in the audience of my Favorite television show ever tonight at the Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. I have never had as much fun seeing a show as I did tonight. I laughed and got a little misty eyed when Lucy walked onstage, I can only imagine how it must have been then and the way you guys set it up tonight.. BRAVO!!. I am a current junior getting a degree in Theatre Design and Technology with a minor in Musical Theatre, I hope the show is still going strong because I see home written all over it. Here’s to hopefully singing and dancing with you guys or mending hems and styling wigs



The show was amazing and wonderfully done and had me in tears at the end. It was so real and felt like it was really Lucille Ball and Desi at the end of the show!


Charlotte, NC

My husband surprised me with front row seats to a performance of “I Love Lucy Live” in Buffalo, NY as a gift for our 27th wedding anniversary! Best anniversary ever, LOVED the show and want to see it again!

Mary D.

Mansfield, OH

Our daughter got us tickets to see the show in Indianapolis because it wasn’t coming to Detroit. We loved the show, the settings, everything, and I can’t wait until it does come to Detroit so I can take all my friends!


Canton, MI

I was fortunate enough to see the show over Valentine’s weekend with my wife and parents in Indianapolis. Having been a life long fan of I Love Lucy and knowing a lot of the back history I must say I was very impressed with the quality of the show and production. Really funny, extremely entertaining, and just excellent. If my four favorite comedic television friends could see what you have done with their legacy, I firmly believe they would be proud. Keep up the great work, and thank you for coming to Indianapolis!

Ryan Eldridge


My Mom and I went to see the show in Indianapolis and absolutely LOVED IT. Not only was the casting perfect, they also outdid themselves on the set. Every little detail was perfect- down to on the knick knacks on the mantle. The curtains in the Ricardo’s apartment looked identical. The way it was set up, we felt transported to the 1950’s and were watching it live. Definitely a trip down memory lane. My Mom remembers watching epsiodes as a little girl on t.v. Years later, I watched them as a kid on VHS tapes Grandma recorded for us. It was a joy to be a part of I Love Lucy Live on Stage and we would not hesitate to see it again!

Kristen J

Fort Wayne, IN

We traveled from FL to Chicago just to see this show! It was a funny once in a lifetime opportunity to see such tribute paid to true comedy! Worth the trip! I love Lucy!


Royal Palm Beach, FL

I Got married on Lucille ball’s 100th birthday. It was not planned that way either. I believe she gave me a gift and to have it on her birthday and on top of that her 100th!! because im her # 1 fan. I would love if I love lucy live on stage came to philly <3

Allison F.

Philadelphia, PA

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